car – 1

As I am now in the market to purchase a car, I thought it would be fun to post occasionally on the experiences of a non-car owner (me, now) and his transition to one who will shortly own (and rely upon) a car.

I have forgotten how incredibly prevalent (and sometimes necessary) they are in the US. I have also noticed while surfing incessantly (obsessively?) to find the best car, the best deal, the best insurance, the best ….it goes on and on…how much art has been made around the car how much popular culture is interested in them. So how do art and cars intersect?

During my searches I have come across sites like BMWism featuring a nice gallery showing all the BMW cars decorated by well-known artists – from Calder in 1975 through Koons in 2010. very cool.

look for more ‘car’ posts to come as my story continues…


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