art & the oil spill

i was definitely surprised by the seeming lack of artists dealing with the BP’s Gulf Oil Spill (or maybe just the lack of visibility?) – below are a few stories but i would love to hear about anything else that is happening – if you know of artists who are working on this, help spread the word.

the art group (?) Ubermorgen responds to the spill with this ‘DEEPHORIZON’ project

the trading card game Phylo has this new “Oil Spill” card

Time Video reports on some New Orleans artists response here

and from the written word side, a poet seeks BP Gulf oil spill poetry to feature in column

finally, a call to action by Edward Teller from 4/30 who ends his post with this thought:

“Artists can uniquely portray ecological catastrophe. They can partner with ecologists, environmentalists and community activists, to give perspective on what has happened that nobody else can.”


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