art in public spaces: Richmond Civic Center

The sculpture pictured above is by Richmond-based artist Archie Held, called ‘Heritage’ from 2009 and is situated in the center plaza.

Among all the opportunities for seeing art in the Bay Area there are often many gems that are not well-known yet worth investigating and right next door. One such exhibit is at the Civic Center of Richmond. As part of the Richmond Memorial Civic Center Revitalization Project, Winifred Day (the Public Art Program Project Manager) curated a diverse array of art including 8 large-scale site-specific commissions in addition to a fine collection of interior wall-mounted fine art.

Highlighting the Bay Area and Richmond specifically, artworks include everything from paintings + photographs to architectural glass + custom quilts. The collection can be viewed at the Civic Center and is a powerful object-lesson of the influence that art can have, especially when the local community is highly involved in the process. In short, a great exhibition worth seeing!

For tour information click here
For info about the Richmond Art Center click here


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