photographing Iraq’s refugees

I posted about photographer Gabriela Bulisova back in March and saw that the important topic she is covering – Iraq’s 2 million refugees – is receiving more positive attention. See this article in The New York Review of Books:
Picturing Iraq’s Unseen Millions | The New York Review of Books


One thought on “photographing Iraq’s refugees

  1. Thank you, my dear friend, I greatly appreciate you sharing the article with others.

    Just FYI: there are close to 5-million Iraqi refugees. Roughly half is what’s called IDPs or Internally Displaced Persons, these are people who had to move out of their homes (houses, neighborhoods, cities) due to their ethnic, religious, political affiliation.

    Congrats again on Pivot Gallery! And, when are you going to feature your own work. I am sooo very curious to see your latest creations. I have no doubt your paintings are exquisite!

    Thanks again, Peter!


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