artist Gabriela Bulisova

if you are anywhere on the east coast, please see these images. they are all the things photographs can be – powerful, relevant, inspiring, engaging.

Here is an excerpt from the Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts exhibition:

“… Like so many great documentary photographers of the past, Bulisova is not a dispassionate observer, but rather an active advocate for her subjects, someone who combines a fierce belief in social justice with sensitivity to the formal elements of the photographic image. She is sensitive to her subjects’ despair and suffering and respects their dignity and resilience in the midst of often-unimaginable hardship. She, like so many socially committed photographers before her, believes that an image can reveal the truth and move the public to take action…”

Gabriela Bulisova
The Option of Last Resort: Iraqi Refugees in the United States
at the DCCA
March 9 – May 30, 2010

more information about the artist can be found by following the links below.


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