artist David Maisel

“By slightly changing our angle of observation, a copse of seemingly random trees reveals itself as an orchard. This specific angle of observation, then, has an independent validity, revealing an order not of the viewers making. Such a surprise visit of the orchard effect is always pleasurable-filled with the delight of recognition, a sense of community of all explorers who also touch base at this common spot.”

The above quote from the novel ‘Three Farmers on Their Way to a Dance‘ (about a photograph, actually) by Richard Powers has a nice resonance to the work currently on display at The Brower Center; The Lake Project. By changing our perspective we can gently surprise ourselves and come to understand (or be reminded) that there is a beauty in learning.

David Maisel
Artist Talk – The Lake Project
Thursday, March 11 at 7 pm
In the Richard & Rhoda Goldman Theater
The David Brower Center
Price: $10
Tickets available at


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