Art: 21 – PBS contemporary art series

Among the many, many online resources for finding information about contemporary art, a particularly robust site is the PBS series on contemporary art called Art: 21 – Art in the twenty-first century. Organized by theme, artist, or season, it is full of artist biographies, slideshows, interviews, and videos. I highly recommend checking it out for more information about contemporary art.

The philosophy of the series, according to the website is “… that contemporary American art is of real interest to a national audience. By making contemporary art more accessible, the series affords viewers and students the opportunity to discover their own innate abilities to understand contemporary art and to explore possibilities for creative thinking and self-expression.”

The complete list of artists can be found here – but be assured it is broad and includes photographers, sculptors, painters, dancers, performance artists, and filmmakers; just a few my favorites: Richard Serra, Robert Adams, Cindy Sherman, Laurie Anderson, and Mark Bradford.


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