Salgado at Brower Center, Berkeley

There is a small show in the David Brower Center in Berkeley, CA that is worth seeing especially if you have never seen Sebastiao Salgado prints larger than book form.

The gorgeous image of a whale’s tail streaming with water is part of his newest project called “Genesis“, a title that refers to his documenting all types of environments, flora, and fauna. The show also includes a (very) brief survey of his work in South America and Africa. The portraits are masterful and engaging though they tend a bit too far toward the romantic at times. While much has been written about Salgado and I myself have some mixed feelings about his work, seeing the work larger than I ever have before is helping me understand better the real power of his images.

The prints at this exhibit are all black and white digital prints and, while they may come close, I doubt they are as luscious as silver gelatin prints. I will check back in after I see his darkroom prints.

The Brower Center itself is interesting and worth looking into. It is one more quiet but important resource in Berkeley. Funny how I keep finding those…


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