New Years Resolution?

i came across this short piece i wrote years ago while living in Detroit, Michigan. thought it would be fun to share…


Resolution Doubts

The idea of making a new years resolution is very tempting. It appeals to my sense of beginning again on a new page. A new start, another try, wash away all the sins of the last year…
Let’s put aside (for a moment) that up here in the North, starting something, (hell, even getting out of bed) in mid winter is nigh impossible. The grey sky and cold air hang over the general population inducing lethargy and laziness. It is hard to do anything much less stick to a new life changing regime of going to the gym or quitting smoking.
If we must pick a time on the calendar to begin anew, at least let’s make it in the spring when everyone is a little more hopeful and a lot happier.
A second reason not to make a new Years resolution on the first of January comes from the fact that while we all want to change at least one aspect of our lives (or at least most of us strive to constantly becoming better human beings right?) It is hard to push these major types of decisions; life changing and life affirming decisions should come when the commitment is at its highest. This also, I believe, greatly increases the chance of success in achieving ones goal. This apex of motivation does not, and never will, adhere to a calendar. I would rather see someone make a major decision when they feel they are ready.
This is not to say we do not need some sort of kick to get started, to get ready, jazzed, and hyped to stop a bad habit or start a good one. But I say, let it come naturally, like love or luck. Whenever you look for it, it is not there. Same with realizing that you have the capability to realize fully whatever goal you may have. You can commit yourself totally to doing, or not doing whatever you want on any day of the year.


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