Artist Statement

Navigate: to plan, record, and control a course and/or position
Map: a maplike delineation, representation, or reflection of anything

This body of work, which I think of as a series of maps or records of various navigations, allows me, in the broadest terms, to engage with ideas of navigation and the processes of mapping experience.

I consider my paintings a type of combination of personal records layered among, around, throughout, on top of, and below each other, ultimately forming a multifaceted yet cohesive image. Towards this end, I include a variety of materials: literal maps, sketches of memories, current thoughts, and images from various sources. Each piece is a record of my thinking through a specific idea or network of ideas, while leaving a web of potentials.

I use mapping as a device to concentrate on specific information and turn it into a visual. In this way I fold information into the histories of the paintings, which include the line of my own thinking and the works’ own progressions. In the paintings themselves I concentrate on geography, time, structure, and information. The interplay between these layers of information, what is hidden and what is revealed, is, if pressed, what I regard as the ‘subject’ that I paint.

The physical aspect of painting, over-painting, sanding away any one of a number of layers (in essence, looking into the past and selecting to reveal only certain aspects from the history of the work’s creation), and re-painting satisfies my need to use my hands to make images. I explore my surfaces using both additive and subtractive methods. My materials include paint, pencil, pen, paper, wood, sandpaper, and a variety of collage materials. Through the experience of making I navigate both external and internal worlds, and the interplays between them.


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