still frames

Artist Statement

Through investigating and re-interpreting films from America’s past I attempt to recognize the impact this particular form of photography has had on our cultural landscape. In examining not only the films themselves (by looking at the individual frames that make up these motion pictures) but also evidence left by librarians and archivists, I explore not only the specific content of the films but also the changing technology surrounding the archiving process.
There also seems to exist an underlying obscure narrative that can be imagined by a viewer looking at the various images presented here. I propose no strict parameters for defining this narrative, but leave it to the viewer to see the images in all their various contexts. As one reviewer put it, “…they look like a scientist took them who was looking into past lives and found bits and pieces of the life and times of someone/(s). it seems too, that if all the pieces were put together a whole would develop somehow…”


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