general thoughts on work…

Artist Statement

Although I work mainly in video and still photography I feel that using the correct medium for a specific project is important. It is the concept that matters most to me and using the appropriate materials to convey the specific idea is critical.

The projects I work on generally start with intensive investigation into the seed of the idea. As I delve deeper into the research the work goes through many stages until a final version is attained which attempts to strike a balance between aesthetics and information. I have worked in film, painting, installation, and sculpture and tend to blur the lines between different methods and mediums.

I am deeply interested in the history of art and how it relates to the history of our culture as a whole. The evolution of aesthetic viewpoints and how it relates to the history of photography and film are some of the fundamental issues I explore in my work.

As an artist I fully acknowledge the fact that I stand on the shoulders of tradition. While reacting to numerous influences I feel it is extremely important to personalize my work. I do this not only by combining old and new ideas and techniques but also by strictly adhering to my own personal interpretation of the underlying idea.


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