Artist Statement

analysis – the separation of something into its constituent parts in order to find out what it contains, to examine individual parts, or to study the structure of the whole

The images in analysis are fragments of film frames taken from a much magnified video camera lens, analyzed and edited in digital format and posted to the web.

In analysis, I explore the intersection of 2 time-based media– namely film and video. This intersection between more traditional media and newer digital aesthetics is of great interest to me. This includes not only the ways in which artists work but also the ways in which viewers experience the work.

There are nuances in individual film frames that are all but lost at typical viewing speeds of 24 frames per second. In addition to ‘stopping’ the movement of film by looking at the individual frames, I also magnify them in order to investigate deeper into the material aspects of the film.

I explore different methods of viewing, including the materiality of the original film and the narrative possibilities of multiple imagery. The intended original subject of the found film becomes secondary to the act of analysis. Yet there remains recognizable fragments in order to engage a secondary method of viewing- being able to imagine scenarios among the images. The spatial relationship of the images on the website begins to resemble a narrative structure albeit a very loose one.


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