What is it? a site recently launched by Sarah McKinney to showcase and celebrate images taken with toy cameras, like the Holga.  there are some great images up already and I am looking forward to watching it grow. yes, submissions are being accepted – see the site for details and great images:

Golden Gate Fields - (image courtesy toyeur - copyright 2010 Sarah McKinney)

the raw and the cooked

artist Rebecca Njadowski’s blog from Brazil while on a Fulbright grant: the raw and the cooked

she says her excellent name comes from the work of Claude Levi-Strauss, “…who proposed that it is the relationships, transformations, and connections between myths that hold the most importance.”

great explorations so far, I look forward to reading more

about the video remix, on networkedbook

read an excellent article about our re-mix media culture and art that can be read (and edited) at the Networked – (a networked book about networked art) site . It is a wiki type experiment on the future of mixing, video, and art in general. This project is pretty cool, worth checking out!

logo image used with cc license, more here

car – 1

As I am now in the market to purchase a car, I thought it would be fun to post occasionally on the experiences of a non-car owner (me, now) and his transition to one who will shortly own (and rely upon) a car.

I have forgotten how incredibly prevalent (and sometimes necessary) they are in the US. I have also noticed while surfing incessantly (obsessively?) to find the best car, the best deal, the best insurance, the best ….it goes on and on…how much art has been made around the car how much popular culture is interested in them. So how do art and cars intersect?

During my searches I have come across sites like BMWism featuring a nice gallery showing all the BMW cars decorated by well-known artists – from Calder in 1975 through Koons in 2010. very cool.

look for more ‘car’ posts to come as my story continues…

visualizing the oil spill

above is a screen shot from an online map that can be found here. the site integrates layers (which can be turned on or off) of information available like spill trajectory, fishery closures and much more. the map uses the Environmental Response Management Application – an online tool that provides near-real time information about the oil spill.

more info here and here

iceberg with artwork starts to drift

the sculptor Ap Verheggen placed a series of sculptures called “The Dogsled Riders” on a section of ice in Uummannaq, Greenland with the prediction that it will eventually break free, drift, and disappear completely. On May 16 the iceberg started drifting. Follow the fascinating story and watch the mapping of the sculpture as it drifts here via Google Earth. The site has many real-time and multimedia resources being utilized in really relevant ways.

thanks to the always great for the reminder to check on the progress of this project

art and theft

an interesting, newly unveiled piece by the artists Eva and Franco Mattes (famous for their site: created out of fragments stolen from famous modern art works (examples include canvas thread from a Warhol and a piece of molten metal from a Beuys sculpture) raises many questions about art in a way that only they can. The piece itself does not look too exciting but I predict, will be successful in creating a stir.

read a great article by Blake Gopnik in the Washington Post here

also an essay by Fabio Cavallucci, images of the work, and more info at the gallery:

social networking for the arts

If you spend any time at all surfing the web looking for art news or information, chances are you have seen many art-specific networking sites. Some look interesting but require a log-in (not sure how many of those you have – mine are out of control), some look to be simply post after post with links to online portfolios, some are just great big ads, and some look like they could have great forums, information, and articles.
Because I do not have enough to do, and for all our benefit, I am taking a deeper look into the art networking sites out there. I am still researching and will post my favorites later but for now, here are a few that seem to have some promise and that I will look deeper into:
If you have any suggestions for other sites that you think should be included in the review please let me know! I will post the results of my (very) informal survey soon.


Pivot Blog aims to be a forum for me to report to readers art news & happenings from the East Bay and the wider art world, as well as happenings specific to Pivot Gallery. I will also share an array of information that I hope will engage the imagination – images, videos, articles, essays, perspectives and ideas.

There are many exciting art and cultural happenings in Berkeley and the East Bay of California and in contemporary art. I hope this blog will become a resource for finding those events and the highlights of art news coming from the area and beyond.

It is also a forum for readers to provide feedback. I welcome any and all comments, thoughts , and revelations. We all live our various bubbles and there is no harm in having them burst once in a while in order to learn a new perspective.